Puppy Training

Did you know the majority of a dog's meaningful experiences occur when they are between 8-16 weeks of age? Socializing your puppy from a young age is critical in raising a happy, well-mannered, and confident dog! Our puppy program is designed to create positive associations with new people, animals, and objects that will stick with your pup for a lifetime!

Puppy Package: Includes private consultation and 3 weeks of group classes $59


Private Puppy Consultation: This is a time for you and your family to meet one-on-one with a trainer and discuss any problems you may be experiencing with your puppy, or ask questions. Private consults usually last 1-1 1/2 hours. Owning a new puppy is fun and exciting, but can also be frustrating - we want to help make it as easy as possible!

The following will be covered during the consultation:

  • House training

  • Crate training tips

  • Handling exercises/desensitization

  • Proper toy and chew choices

  • Socialization tips and demonstration

  • How to correct common problems such as playbiting and pulling on the leash

  • How to continue with training as your puppy grows

  • What to expect at group class

Puppy Preschool Classes: Group classes will start after summer vacations in September and held every Saturday afternoon at 3pm. Our group classes are specifically geared toward building a confident, social dog. Each week your puppy will learn how to appropriately interact with a group of new people and dogs. Puppies will be guided through a number of different confidence building exercises each designed to help them tackle everyday obstacles. We hope to help you gain a better understanding of how your puppy learns, and how to handle them at this stage in life and for the years to come!

Requirements: Puppies must be at least 8 weeks of age, but no older than 16 weeks (at 16 weeks they are ready to begin either private lessons or residency training) at the start of their first group class. Puppies should be in their new home for at least 10 days, and have their first round of vaccines in their system for at least 7 days before their first PP class. Each puppy should be in good health and have completed their consultation with one of our trainers before participating in weekly classes.



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